Astro Pink (AAAA)


Nug Sizes: Mostly medium, then smalls, then a few large nugs.

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Batch Date: Feb 10

Nothing like an awesome Pink strain! Astro Pink is one of those coveted Pink Kush cuts that became widely popular a few years back. There’s a lot of it out there now and I am excited about this Pink Astro.

Nugs are a bit funky in size, mostly medium to small fox tail like buds! They look truly exotic.

Flavours of sweet grass are prominent, with floral vanilla tones to it as well. Burn is quite good, smooth inhales and white for the most part with a tiny bit of grey and salt and pepper.

This batch was grown by one of my friends in BC the same one that grows Bubba OG (AAAA). He typically releases a lot of powerful Indica strains, so if you like them I’ll bring more in!

Grower: 3rd Party


14g, 28g, 7g


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