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Black Diamond (AA+)

(5 customer reviews)



Nug Size: Small to large

Batch Date: May 19

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Update: New Batch May 19

This batch is graded AA+ compared to the previous AAA batch. It mainly is due to the fact that its a bit leafier. The nugs are very coated in crystals with the average nug size being medium.

The nugs do feel a bit on the drier side. Another thing to remember about this strain is that it usually burns dark which may be unappealing to some users. This experience is with almost every Black Diamond strain I’ve experienced.

I’ve always enjoyed the mellowing euphoric effects of this strain. It has an earthy/berry/wine nose.


Grower: Unknown (3rd party)


14g, 28g

5 reviews for Black Diamond (AA+)

  1. kamai420

    Large nugs, frosty nugs, nice grapey wine smell

  2. BlazeStarGaze

    DENSE medium/small topz, berry aroma, HEAVY GASSY TOKE, long mild sour berry aftertaste

  3. quentin.anderson

    Got this twice so far and will definitely get it again. First time was Oct 2020 and it was very nice. Perfectly round nickel and quarter sized buds. Dark green with purple colours and covered in crystal. Buzz was great, very mood enhancing and makes you feel life is great. Really different winey berry smell and taste. Never smelled weed like this before. Because of how different it looked and the nice effects it had I bought again in late Feb 2021 and so glad I did. This batch has perfectly round buds that are the size of golf balls. The colour is beautifully purple and dark green/greyish and loaded with crystals. Really nice and different to look at. Same great smell and taste. Great buzz again.

    Trichome city all the way thru these buds. Loaded my grinder.

    I read this strain reacts and gives off extra purple colour if exposed to cold temps. February might be the best time to catch this strains harvest.

  4. jayblack

    Not bad, looks very caked, a bit dry in general and burns a bit darker. Very nice high to it though

  5. Gavin

    Nice purple strain smells like Welches’s grape juice i guess.
    buds are solid, potent and effects meets the description. Quality wise id say its good.

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