Cali Bubba (AA+) – $99oz SPECIAL



Nug Size: Mostly chunky medium nugs

Batch Date: January 6th

Please note this is a newer batch that I put on sale and graded down to AA+ due to it being slightly leafy. I am quite happy with this batch and at $99oz, I hope you are too!

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Cali Bubba is one of the new trending strains that has been getting popular in the BC area because of it’s ease of growth, gassy nose and good potency.

This one hits all the checkmarks for a nice bubba. There’s a gassy “Cali Bubba” nose, which is a bit different than Death Bubba and Pink Kush. This nose is a bit more fishy/tuna-like. The nugs are usually bulbous with a decent density, nice stickiness and overall a good amount of trichomes.

This batch seems to be a bit older. I would assume that it was harvested 1 month ago (maybe 2) and was just sold to me recently, so I will mark the batch date as “Unknown”. Older batches tend to lose a bit of flavour and a possibility of an inconsistent burn. But overall, I think it’s still safe to rate it as AA+, a pretty decent AA+to be honest.

This batch is also looks a bit leafy but maybe only 1-2% of the overall weight. These nugs are chunky so the leaf weight is very low relative to the nug weight.

If I were to describe the effects of this strain, I would say it’s a mix of Death Bubba and Bubba OG. Very relaxing, anti-anxiety, anti-stress and a great nightcap.

Grower: 3rd Party Wholesaler


14g, 28g


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