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Candy Land (AAA)



Nug Size: Mostly medium

Batch Date: Nov 2

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Update: New Batch May 27th

This is the 4th time posting this strain up on the website. The 1st/2nd/3rd batch had great reviews and many repeat buyers.

On this batch, the nugs are bigger than the 3rd batch. I’ve upped the grading from AAA to AAA+

About this strain: From the previous batches, I thought it was very basic BUT from the reviews of customers, they really like it. Burns nicely, good potency, good taste, etc.

My thoughts: I think it smells too basic and earthy. The trichome coverage is beautiful though. The nugs are very covered in white looking crystals. I don’t see much amber in the trichomes but I guess it’s THC content is high. I don’t send out batches for lab testing of THC content but I know from previous reviews that the potency is pretty good.

Overall: It’s not my favourite type of smell but I could appreciate a smooth burn and high potency. Taste-wise, it’s also not my favourite flavour but I can understand why people like the taste. I think this strain will be good for anyone to try based off of previous feedback.


Grower: Melanie


14g, 28g

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