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Candy Land (AAA+)

(10 customer reviews)



Nug Size: Mostly medium

Batch Date: November 27th

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Update: New Batch Nov 27th

This is the 4th time posting this strain up on the website. The 1st/2nd/3rd batch had great reviews and many repeat buyers.

On this batch, the nugs are bigger than the 3rd batch. I’ve upped the grading from AAA to AAA+

About this strain: From the previous batches, I thought it was very basic BUT from the reviews of customers, they really like it. Burns nicely, good potency, good taste, etc.

My thoughts: I think it smells too basic and earthy. The trichome coverage is beautiful though. The nugs are very covered in white looking crystals. I don’t see much amber in the trichomes but I guess it’s THC content is high. I don’t send out batches for lab testing of THC content but I know from previous reviews that the potency is pretty good.

Overall: It’s not my favourite type of smell but I could appreciate a smooth burn and high potency. Taste-wise, it’s also not my favourite flavour but I can understand why people like the taste. I think this strain will be good for anyone to try based off of previous feedback.


Grower: Melanie


14g, 28g

10 reviews for Candy Land (AAA+)

  1. SisterMaryElephant

    I was so impressed with the quality of this grow that I put in a second order. I usually stay with sativas but the buds in this strain are something to behold. I look forward to trying more from this grower. Two thumbs up!!

  2. kamai420

    Very nice looking nugs, very frosty with medium to large nugs. I’ve had stuff from Melanie before and her stuff is all really good. The candy land doesn’t have much of a strong smell or flavour though, BUT it’s not a bad flavour like many things I smoke. The inhale and exhale are very smooth.

  3. HighBridz

    Awesome crystally green and orange large/medium nugs. My favorite sativa high and smell, when I opened the bag I was in love with this strain. Hits hard with euphoria, creativity, arousal, and some energy to start the day. Got the 2 oz special and this was the best overall! Would buy again and highly recommend.

  4. TwelveFold

    Candy Land is such a smooth smoke, I’ve had the last two batches and they have both been bomb. Lots of trichs and the trim/structure of the bud is great. Some sites would have this as a quad for sure

  5. matthjorth

    Very nice taste and smell, lots of crystal, would recommend.

  6. evenuggs

    Very impressed from my first purchase here. Definitely a buy again.

  7. BBRex

    i can see why people really like this, good clean smoke, fairly potent, very good looking with many crystals except a few small leaves here and there

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

  10. Julian Blohm

    CandyLand was the first flower purchase I made from Carly, and its gorgeous trichome coverage has kept me coming back. Has a nice citrusy pine exhale, with large/thick buds.

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