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Carly’s Angel Aura (AAAA)

(3 customer reviews)


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Nug Size: Mostly medium, some popcorn

Batch Date: January 7th

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UPDATE – January 7 – New batch graded at AAAA

Here’s another one of my craftier strains. The lineage of this is 50% Pink Kush and 50% Angel OG (OG Kush x Blackberry). It’s a very potent batch and grown to perfection with extra care.

The nose on this is really gassy and the feel of it is super sticky. It’s also full of sticky trichomes with a nice color. Smoke characteristics on this is perfect in joints and blunts.

The trim on this is slightly lacking due to the stickiness but it has a better trim than Carly’s Pink. The Pink was mass grown while this one is small space craft grown. It costs quite a bit more growing the Angel Aura and you’ll notice a good difference between the 2 strains.

Recommended for Gas lovers, Heavy Indica lovers, Pink strain lovers.

I’ll also be allowing this to be sold at the 7g level for people to try it out. If I get enough feedback from this strain, it might be a permanent strain as well.

Nug sizes range from small to large. If you’re prone to complaining about “Grading accuracy”, please don’t order. There is about 2%-3% weight in leaves that I can’t trim off because it’s too sticky. Besides from the 2% leaves, it’s a craft quad and I can’t think of it being much better in terms of this plants lineage.




Grower: Carly

3 reviews for Carly’s Angel Aura (AAAA)

  1. Sandon Garding (verified owner)

    I’d give it six stars if I could! The taste is phenomenal and the potency is amazing. Top shelf quality for sure, I highly recommend. Would love to see it become a regular on the site, keep up the great work!

  2. folkrich (verified owner)

    First time trying Carly’s Garden. Definitely not disappointed in this strain , especially for the price tag!. Very crystaly, with a dense hard feel. Perfectly cured and is super sticky and gassy .lots of fuel! She hefty and heavy, your going to be couch locked for a few hours. The trim doesn’t bother me as I’m using this for edibles. I’m pretty pleased with my order and would definitely order this again!

  3. BlazeStarGaze (verified owner)

    Solid dense frosty large/medium topz (open bag with headlamp in lowlighting for full visual effect/appreciation of budz), heavy gassy toke , extended mild sour yummy mouthwaterin aftertaste hint of blackberry flavor. gassy toke and extended (not as sour) flavor similar to pinkGAS. Girls properly taken care of, energy returned on passion invested indeed. Thanks.

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