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Carly’s Pink (AAA+)

(5 customer reviews)


Indica Dominant

Nug Sizes: Mostly medium, some smalls, some large.
Batch Date: June 23

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UPDATE: New Harvest June 23

I really my current batch of Pink Kush. This one came out pretty clean, it has trichomes all over the nugs, especially near the tips. Nice colour with some dark colouring, not too many fan leaves. The downside is that some bags I was able to get some larger nugs, some I could not. I did filter most of the popcorns out, so there should be minimal popcorn nugs. The nose on this one is a loud classic Pink, being a nice sweet floral gas. I hope you enjoy this one before its out!

Pink Kush is also known in the wholesale world as “Pink”. Usually known for it’s deep gassy indica smell and effects. This is what a lot of people in Toronto prefer. Heavy smokers are really into this strain because it’s known for it’s potency and best bang for buck for getting medicated. This is one of the BEST strains for anxiety, to be honest, I believe it is the #1 strain for anxiety (Plus some cross phenos of the Pink).

Buy this directly from me and save yourself some guala!

Grower: Carly


14g, 28g

5 reviews for Carly’s Pink (AAA+)

  1. huntermc

    Very enjoyable, personally had good characteristics of a Pink. Only thing I would say is it that it is a bit leafy, but it did not affect my preference on it. Solid

  2. BlazeStarGaze

    fresh dense medium topz, heavy gassy toke, mild aftertaste. PINK7’s 1st tokes are better than PINK5 1st budz smoked.

  3. BiglandBowler

    Had to hop onto the new Carly’s Pink batch and gotta say its pretty good. It resembles everything I like in a good Pink. The nose and flavour is bang on. Its like a sweet gas with hints of vanilla, nice kushiness too it too.

    The lighting was real bad when I took the picture, but it is pretty nice looking. 9/10 trim job, 9/10 trichome coverage, 9/10 bag appeal.

    Potency is there. Not over the top like other strains I’ve had, but it also gets a 9. One session with this and I knew I’ll enjoy it – super relaxing, my anxiety fades away.

    I wouldn’t get super hyped, but I would be very happy to get this. Overall it gets a 9-9.5/10 easy.

  4. Lucas Slaunwhite

    Really good kush, clean burning solid 8/10 ash. The smell translates to the taste pretty good. The cure and flush is nice. My pack came all clumped together the whole Oz is really sticky kush which I love. The descriptions of the flowers are honest and spot on which I appreciate so much! Thank you for that good BC kush love you all

  5. drwb94

    Nice smell and a nice taste, buds were all pretty sticky and rolled nicely which is a big plus for me. The high isn’t too strong but it’s definitely a inda-couch strain. Felt my eyes get heavy right away. Great strain and a great grow by Carly.

    The swag pack was also really cool! I think you may have a new returning customer..

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