Carly’s Pink #5 (AAA+)

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Nug Size: Large to Small

Batch Date: July 13th / Update Sept 3: I found a pound that was misplaced. Still the same stuff but it’s about 1.5 months old now so I took the grading down a notch.

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This is the 5th time posting up my Pink harvest on the website, hence the number 5.

I’m pretty happy with this batch overall. The nugs are sticky and has the Pink gas nose. Nug sizes range from Large to Small.

Potency is strong with Pink Kush effects which is my favourite. Indica lovers will also enjoy the effects of this.

Pink #5 is grown in a larger area room so there is a good amount of stock. It’s also personally grown by me so I’ll be pricing it relatively low compared to normal MOM pricing.

I estimate most (non-grower) MOMs would sell this at ~$200 if I were to wholesale to them. I’m choosing to opt out of full harvest wholesale for this batch because it’s been awhile since I posted something of my own on the website.

Reason for the rating: The strain doesn’t show enough trichomes, not as dense as I was hoping and lastly, I put it towards a second trim job after the cure and it took away some of the beautiful appeal.


Grower: Carly

8 reviews for Carly’s Pink #5 (AAA+)

  1. Smashedcargo (verified owner)

    The price for #5 is just right. The buds look great and are nice and sticky, grind small amounts. Smells good and the smoke is smooth with a potent high. You won’t regret buying this one,

  2. BlazeStarGaze (verified owner)

    straight from source no middlepeeps thank u. dense flowers (1oz received 3 large topz, 6 medium topz, minimal small topz and smallz), pleasant nose, good clean smoke.

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    Got a half ounce to try…smokes nice and smooth…relaxing buzz.

  4. Dddd (verified owner)

    I dig the idea of dealing directly with the grower.
    14g order contained a huge +5g bud. Varying degrees of deep purple accents. Sticky. As described, the beautiful appeal took a hit.
    Personally I didn’t love the nose or taste but the effects definitely hit on the harder side. Overall, respectable.
    Good value.
    Great communication and CS!

  5. Darryl Thomson (verified owner)

    As advertised, it didn’t look amazing, but the potency is definitely there. Would buy again

  6. BreedWeed85 (verified owner)

    Smells amazing! Really nice strong pink nose! But hey smelling weed doesn’t get you stoned.. it’s got some nice stick to it.. but it was waayyy too moist in that bag and so the flower degraded pretty bad. Nugs were going yellow/brown.. smoke was harsh and no flavor.. sucks cause the pics here look nice and fresh.. probably tasted good at one point.

  7. HighBridz

    I got small dense nugs with some tiny pieces but happy overall. Nice gassy vanilla smell and heavy stone. I wish I got nicer nugs in my half o, would like try again to see if its better.

  8. rbergeron (verified owner)

    Closer to AAA- or AA+ imo. This bud was not dried properly, still far too wet, stems should snap off not peel off. As a result of not being dried, the cure and nose are off as well. Delivers a pleasant high, and I feel this batch could have been deserving of the AAAA- rating had it been dried and cured properly.

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