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Carly’s Pink #6 (AAA+)

(7 customer reviews)


Indica Dominant

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UPDATE: New Harvest September 8th – Renamed on website to Carly’s Pink #6

Great looking batch of Pink! This batch of Pink grow more bulbous than the previous batches and also has more orange hairs than usual. In comparison to the previous Pinks, I think this one has larger nugs but also has a less gassier nose. If you’ve ever been a fan of my previous Pinks, you’ll enjoy this one just as much, maybe a bit better, maybe a bit worse. It’s a fine line difference from the previous batches. The main differences is the timing and the pricing. Prices fluctuate throughout the year but I always try to keep my Pinks priced well.

Pink Kush is also known in the wholesale world as “Pink”. Usually known for it’s deep gassy indica smell and effects. This is what a lot of people in Toronto prefer. Heavy smokers are really into this strain because it’s known for it’s potency and best bang for buck for getting medicated. This is one of the BEST strains for anxiety, to be honest, I believe it is the #1 strain for anxiety (Plus some cross phenos of the Pink).

Buy this directly from me and save yourself some guala!

Grower: Carly

7 reviews for Carly’s Pink #6 (AAA+)

  1. h0ser (verified owner)

    I’ve very happy with this weed. It’s wonderfully sticky, wonderfully smelly and wonderfully tasty. This reminds me of when Super Dave sold his Pink Kush with CE.

  2. cwoozle

    Got this as part of the Boxing Week pack, and I’m super impressed with the taste and burn on it. I’m always a Pink lover and this is no exception.

  3. D

    Amazing weed. Received some of this from the boxing week deal and my only regret is not picking up more. The bud is perfect minus a tiny amount of leaves. It has a very heavy kush smell and is extremely gassy. The smell transfers over nicely to the smoke as well. The smoke is very smooth with a nice kushy throat hit.

  4. PankotJaime581277 (verified owner)

    As the description warned, the trim wasn’t ideal. That, and the presence of a couple of bare stems in my ounce hold it back a bit. That said, it’s sticky, has a nice smell and taste, smokes smoothly, and is nice and potent. I’m pretty happy with it.

  5. Sandon Garding (verified owner)

    I had a little nug given to me from the first batch and I was impressed. It was a nice introduction to the site and its quality. I placed an order for a half oz when I saw that the 2nd batch was out and on sale. I’m even more impressed with Pink#2. Its very sticky and tastes great. The price to quality ratio can’t be beat and I am ordering more before its gone! Keep up the great work.

  6. Nathan (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this, It’s great for anxiety and a little in the daytime is perfect for me.

  7. PankotJaime581277 (verified owner)

    CP#2 – I’m gonna be honest and say that I’d be hard pressed to compare CP1, CP2, and Pink Death to each other. They’re all in the same ballpark of tastiness and potency in my mind – so the point is, they’re all great if you ask me. This new batch of Carly’s Pink has a noticeably cleaner trim than the previous one did, so my rating for this batch is one star higher.

    TL;DR – good taste and potency at a fair price.

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