Cheese N Chong (AAAA)


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Nug Size: Mostly medium size 

Batch Date: April 7th

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This bud is perfect for any lover of classic sativas, with a super rich flavor. Cheese N Chong has a super dank and pungent skunky flavor.

The nose is very earthy and pungent with a rich skunky diesel. The Cheese N Chong high is just as addictive as the flavour, it hits you in both mind and body.

Cheese N Chong is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, mood swings, and chronic stress.

It’s a very potent batch and grown to perfection with extra care.

The nose on this is really gassy and the feel of it is sticky. It’s also full of sticky trichomes with a nice color. Smoke characteristics on this is perfect in joints and blunts.

Recommended for Gas lovers, Sativa and Hybrid lovers.

Nug sizes range from Medium to large. If you’re prone to complaining about “Grading accuracy”, please don’t order. Besides from the 2% leaves, it’s a craft quad and I can’t think of it being much better in terms of this plants lineage.




Grower: 3rd Party


14g, 28g


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