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Death Bubba (AAA)

(5 customer reviews)


Indica Dominant

Nug Size: Mostly medium and some smaller ones

Batch Date: July 19

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Death Bubba is known for it’s powerful body relaxing characteristics. It’s personally one of my favourite strains because the effects are very calming and anti-anxiety + anti-stress. Don’t let the name of this strain scare you off, it’s actually less scary than it sounds. If you’ve never had Death Bubba before, I would highly recommend you giving it a try. The effects are like Pink Kush but Death Bubba will have more of a body stone and less mind stone.

This batch is nice and dense. The nose on these buds are medium but you will get a strong gassy kush nose when you squeeze the nugs.

Potency and smoke quality should be very good with this batch.

Nug sizes are mostly medium.

Grower: Unknown (3rd Party Wholesaler)


14g, 28g

5 reviews for Death Bubba (AAA)

  1. Ray90

    Totally worth the price here. Strong gassy nose, strong potency, long lasting high, smooth smoke, sticky and burns well. Only thing is that my ounce came with many small and medium size nugs but it’s fine. Well deserved 5 stars!

  2. Rotager

    Fantastic bud for this price. Similar to the Death Violator, but still distinguishably different. The trichromes weren’t as flourished as I’ve seen on other batches of Death Bubba, but this didn’t lack potency in the least. Slightly spongy, dense, lighter green nugs. Mostly smalls. Heavy indica experience.

  3. puma

    Smells gassy. Smoke is pretty clean and smooth. Bag appeal could be better, it is well trimmed though. Buds weren’t that sticky. The trichomes have some amber and produces heavy effects, very much a coach lock/ before bed type of smoke.

  4. kamai420

    Medium nugs, not very frosty but pretty sticky, good potency, very smooth smoke

  5. BlazeStarGaze

    DENSE medium/small topz, gassy toke, mild sour aftertaste

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