Death Rockstar (AAA+)

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Nug Size: Mostly medium nugs but no structure

Batch Date: July 28th

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Now this is one interesting and strange looking batch. You need to read below before you add it to your cart!

The nose on this is amazing, very gassy which will translate to a strong potency. It has a strong Death Bubba gas nose, I think DB fans will really like this. The nugs are also very sticky. You can tell by looking at it and feeling it that it will produce a good thick smoke with a nice oil ring.

However, the actual appeal of this batch has got to be one of the worse I’ve seen. Not because the nugs are small, the nugs are actually pretty decent size. But the structure of these nugs are squaggly, no structure at all. It was difficult taking a nice picture of a single nug to display.

On top of the strange looking structure, there’s also a fair amount of leaves on this batch. I would’ve put it towards another trim job but it’s hard to hand trim something with this kind of structure. I figured I’ll sell it as it looks and let the end buyer pick off any excess leaves. I think you’ll lose around 3% of weight due to the excess leaves. So please keep that in mind.

People who smoke for effects and potency will love this. People who like to see beautiful nugs will be sad. Once the nug is grinded up, you wouldn’t be able to tell if it came from an ugly looking nug though!

Grower: 3rd Party Wholesaler

2 reviews for Death Rockstar (AAA+)

  1. BreedWeed85 (verified owner)

    When first came in it was super dry and snappy.. after hydrating it using some celery for a few hours and then leaving it in the jar sealed.. the next day it got back it’s stick and smell.. definitely kushy gas here.. but it is pretty scraggly.. smoke is pretty alright.. I would take the “+” away in this grade and it would be graded appropriately.. that’s just imo.. this was probably an AAA+ when the site first got it.. but after the mail and having to rehydrate it..

  2. BreedWeed85 (verified owner)

    A little on the dry end.. but once rehydrated it’s pretty good.. kinda scraggly with the leaves and bud structure.. but taste is really nice after a few days in the jar.. definitely good for gas lovers. I actually like this one better then the quads.

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