Dosi Melon (AAAA)


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Nug Size: Mostly medium size, some large some small

Batch Date: Jan 21

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This bud is perfect for any lover of classic Indicas, with a super rich flavour. It’s made crossing the to two famous strains: Do-Si-Dos and Watermelon Zkittlez.

This bud is one of my favourites. It packs a powerful flavourful punch. Dosi Melons has a super fruity aroma of sweet, tropical, and earthiness, with a slight herbal effect to it. The flavour is even better, with a sweet fruity taste with tints of earthiness and spice.

Dosi Melon is often chosen to produce a balanced and relaxing effect, elevate mood without getting nervous and combat stress without being boring

The nose on this is really gassy. It’s also full of sticky trichomes with a nice color.

I highly recommended for Indica and hybrid lovers.

Nug sizes range from Medium to large. If you’re prone to complaining about “Grading accuracy”, please don’t order. Besides from the 2% leaves, it’s a craft quad and I can’t think of it being much better in terms of this plants lineage.


Grower: 3rd Party


14g, 28g


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