Golden Teachers Mushrooms


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The Golden teachers strain is famous for its wise teachings and is famous among physconauts. These originally originated from Florida and is now widely grown for its favourite benefits.

If your are new to taking shrooms I suggest taking Golden teachers first. It’s known for its reliable trip with lesser chances of having a bad trip. Golden teachers high is know for their spiritual and shamanic effects. It’s not just for casual tripping. It can also be used for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe.

I would recommend this for new shroomers to even experienced users.

Grower: Private Local Grower


How much magic mushrooms to take?

It depends what you are looking for, but also another factor as well is your body weight and your last psilocybin intake. Typically I would like to recommend:

  • 0.15g-0.5g: Micro-dosing, improving mood and emotion without any impairment.
  • 0.5g-1g: Light, happy, warm
  • 1g-2g:  Stronger buzz, slight change in thinking/speech
  • 2g-3.5g: Visual effects (geometric patterns), enhanced lighting
  • 3.5g+: The higher you go the higher you get… expect an adventure when you dose higher. Not recommended unless you are experienced!

14g, 28g


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