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Kings Kush (AA+)

(2 customer reviews)


Indica Dominant

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Very happy with this batch of King Kush!

Nugs are pretty nice with a good coating of trichomes with a nice cure. There is a clean kushy nose on this batch.

Smoking quality should be pretty good with also a good amount of potency.

There is 2 negatives I should add: The batch itself is kind of branchy so you may see more branches than usual. I’d say the branch weight will be about 2%. The bud structure is also kind of shaggy so you’ll have a hard time taking a nice picture of a single nug. Take a look at all 5 pictures of this batch to see for yourself.


Grower: Unknown (3rd Party Wholesaler)


14g, 28g

2 reviews for Kings Kush (AA+)

  1. Roberta Bone

    Pretty good bag appeal taste wasnt bad. 4/5

  2. richttellier

    Unpleasant to vape. Gets u high but to unpleasant a flavour for vaping. I guess will be making edibles this week

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