Lavender (AA)



Nug Sizes: Mostly medium, few smalls

Batch Date: Feb 11th

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Calling all budget hunters!

Good strain on a budget! This Lavender strain is definitely an interesting one.

First of all, this is grown by a friend. He’s still learning his techniques and it will get better over time. The price for his grows will always be good, so if you like this strain, remember his name because it could be a continuous strain for future purchases.

Appeal: Bud structure pretty lanky and leafy. I estimate about 5% leaf/stem weight.

Smell: Leans towards herbally. Reminds me a bit of GG4 with extra herbally smell.

Cure: I think the cure could be done better. From the feel of the nugs, I think the ash will be dark leaning. Which means the burn won’t be perfect.

Potency: Not sure about potency. I’m assuming average leaning on the Indica side.

Grower: Jay


14g, 28g


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