Melanie’s Pink #2 (AAA+)

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Indica Dominant

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Melanie did a great job with this most recent batch of Pink! With the other Pink strains I already have, I am a bit more selective of bringing on more Pink’s, but this one I’d say is pretty good. There is a downside which I will mention later.

The first thing you’ll notice about this batch is that it is what some people call, “loud”. It has a very nice gassy nose, which beyond the sweet floral notes is very enjoyable to smoke. The nugs actually look quite nice too, it has a nice range of colours and is also dark – which is favourable as well. Along with that, it looks like some premium AAAA craft you can get around, some nugs are just stunning.

Here is one down side, in most of the bags, there wasn’t really many large nugs. I have taken out most of the popcorn, but the majority of this batch will be mostly small-medium nugs. I would have made it AAAA, but it just misses the mark here. The pricing you pay will reflect it too, I think it is really worth it, especially if you do not mind getting large colas, this one is a high quality pick!

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14g, 28g

1 review for Melanie’s Pink #2 (AAA+)

  1. PankotJaime581277

    Got some of this in the 4x14g deal, and I think it stacks up against Carly’s Pinks, generally speaking. Very tasty in the vape and plenty potent. Mostly smallish nugs, as per the description. No complaints.

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