[Mello Mushrooms] 250mg Microdose Capsules


Mello Mushrooms provides you thirty 250mg microdose capsules to help you meet your magic mushroom intake.

Choose from 3 different blends:
Clarity (250mg psilocybin)
Relax (150mg psilocybin, 80 Reishi, 20mg CBD)
Mind (150mg psilocybin, 100mg Lion’s Mane)

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Mello Mushrooms 250mg Microdose Capsules are the perfect way for you to start or enjoy your microdosing adventure. There are three different types of microdose capsules that they offer. See which one best suits you!

Clarity (250mg Psilocybin)
This microdose capsule is the pure magic mushroom capsule. It is made with 100% organic cubensis and nothing else. This is a great for those who are just looking to microdose and enjoy all the benefits in an easy 250mg capsule.

Relax (150mg psilocybin, 80mg Reishi, 20mg CBD)
This microdose blend is meant for users who are looking to relax. The reishi mushroom and CBD have similar effects which help reduce stress, lessen fatigue, and improve sleep. Of course there are other benefits of each individual component such as enhancements to the immune system, and pain relief.

Mind (150mg psilocybin, 100mg Lion’s Mane)
This blend is a very popular blend that you may see more often. This blend includes lion’s mane, which is a mushroom that provides many, many health benefits. Some studies show that it can protect against dementia and help with mental function.

How to use: There are two cycles recommended for you to try.
1) Take a capsule every 2nd day.

2) Take 1 capsule for 3-4 days. Then take 2-3 days off. Repeat.


Clarity (Pure Psilocybin), Relax (Psilocybin, Reishi, CBD), Mind (Psilocybin, Lion's Mane)


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