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Nitro Cookies (AAA) – $75oz

(11 customer reviews)



Nug Size: Mostly Mediums, Few Smalls

Batch Date: April 24

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This is a very nice batch of Nitro Cookies. It reminds me of the ones I had when I first started Carly’s Garden. This strain has a very unique gassy smell. If you could look and smell weed to tell if it’s potent, I would assume this would be one of them. It has nice sticky crystals and the smell of potent bud. From the looks and feel (decent density), it seems like a good smoking batch as well. Nug sizes are mostly medium size with some small.

Grower: Melanie

11 reviews for Nitro Cookies (AAA) – $75oz

  1. Toker42

    Unbelievable stuff at a good price. Potency is on the strong side. Sticky and smokes very well. Nugs are a bit on the smaller side but it’s really worth it. 5/5

  2. BigNugNick

    Crazy good stuff!!!! This is definitely a MUST buy! I got it through the black friday deal and I am so amazed. From the smell and taste of this bud you can tell its really potent. Had me on another planet…. this stuff got me too high to finish the review.

  3. Tristan Leger

    Everything about this bud is perfect.. the bud is covered in crystals, nice and sticky, delicious smell. The high with this is intense!!

  4. Alexandra Olson

    This has knocked me flat on my ass! A new favourite.

  5. Trent balon

    Ya this stuff is amazing.

  6. Trent balon

    The morning after i first smoked this stuff i orded a quarter pound of it. I never believed in the whole quality thing with weed, i thought weed is just weed. Until i tried carlys nitro cookies, i got so high off the usual amount i smoke each night of whatever strain it happens to be that i couldn’t stop laughing. I havent been high enough to have hardcore giggles since i ate a 400mg edible! This stuff made me realize quality matters. Carlys nitro cookies = the best weed ive ever smoked.

  7. BreedWeed85

    What a unique smell good smell lol and fresh too. Not too sticky and terpy like a quad but definitely a AAA. Good for daytime.. not too strong.. small to med size nugs.. everyone should try at least once!

  8. BlazeStarGaze

    dense flowers (14g all smallz), nice nose, good smoke.

  9. Steven

    I liked this one too…nice relaxing and chill buzz …great for afternoon.

  10. Dddd

    Great value.
    Delightful nose and taste.
    Nicely developed, and trimmed, small to medium sized buds.
    Uplifting and calming.

  11. HighBridz

    Beautiful dark crystal coated buds. I got mostly smalls with some medium. Nose is intoxicating and the high is a perfect afternoon/evening hybrid for movies or video games. One of my favorites in my 2 oz mix.

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