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[Pure Canadian Extracts] Live Resin

(5 customer reviews)


Pure Canadian Extracts Live Resin comes in 1g glass jars.

1g for $45 $40 / 5g for $175 $150

Available Strains: Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Girl Scout

If you are looking for 14g or 28g bulk concentrates, please check out my bulk Mix and Match Extracts.

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Pure Canadian Extracts Live Resin

If you are looking for something “better” than shatter, I would recommend spending just a little bit more for Live Resin. It’s actually not a lot more, but you should find a nice consistency with a great flavour similar to the cannabis plant itself.

Live Resin is considered to be a bit cleaner than Shatter. You’ll get a nice experience of terpenes and effects with this high quality Live Resin. Pure Canadian Extract uses some high quality flowers, so give this one a try!

Producer: Pure Canadian Extracts

Pure Canadian Extracts

I’ve tried Pure Canadian Extracts and I have to say that I like their product. I also gave a couple of samples to the cannabis collective around me and they all do agree that the concentrates that they provide are solid. I don’t have much time to produce my own extracts, but I am happy to have Pure Canadian Extracts on board as one of our vendors for concentrates. As concentrates is a new concept on my website, please let me know what you think!


Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Girl Scout Cookies


1g, 5g

5 reviews for [Pure Canadian Extracts] Live Resin

  1. lindsay-muir

    Quite happy with this one. I got the Blue Dream one and the terps were on point. Not bad for the price at all. Would order again!

  2. 1lo0pybastard

    I decided to add the pink kush and the Girl Scout cookies to my 7g mix and match pack and try them out, I really hate leaving bad reviews but this product reminded me exactly why i stopped buying from locally and unknown sources started sourcing my concentrates from trusted MoMs, I tried the pink kush first and put it away after my first toke. it’s really grainy and impossible to keep on a tool (maybe a shovel) but the worst part for me is this stuff tastes like melted plastic or asphalt would smell

  3. BiglandBowler

    Gets a solid 8-8.5 based on the value of the product. I wouldn’t rate it high end, but I do enjoy this much better than shatter’s I’ve tried. Notorious ZED one was pretty mean in flavour

  4. 1lo0pybastard

    I’d like to update my review since trying the gsc as it tasted just fine, nothing I would drool over but nothing disappointing either, also the fact that I was assured the issue I had would be looked into and offered a code as reimbursement for the product strain I had issues with, speaks numbers to carlys customer service and faith in the products carried here, I’ve been encouraged to give them another try and probably will in the near future, I’m going to chop my original review up to one bad jar that may have slipped through the cracks and say that for the price point this isn’t a bad option for anybody but does still fall short in comparison to HVE when it comes to consistency, and flavour, I found the potency to be pretty close tho, if those first two things are important to you, spend the extra bit of money

  5. InsideEyes

    got this on sale, it was pretty good. especially the cost i cant complain too much. decent potency, not bad of flavours

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