[Pure Canadian Extracts] Shatter


Available Strains: Grease Monkey, Gelato, Northern Lights, Afghani, Blue Dream

1g for $25 / 5g for $90

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Pure Canadian Extracts Shatter

Shatter has become a super popular way to enjoy cannabis in more concentrated form, in an afforadable form. The drawback is that there has been some low quality shatter on the market over the years. This is not the case for this shatter.

You can enjoy premium shatter that is nug run by only top quality flowers. The extraction is done with medical grade butane and is purged for longer than usual.

Producer: Pure Canadian Extracts

Pure Canadian Extracts

I’ve tried Pure Canadian Extracts and I have to say that I like their product. I also gave a couple of samples to the cannabis collective around me and they all do agree that the concentrates that they provide are solid. I don’t have much time to produce my own extracts, but I am happy to have Pure Canadian Extracts on board as one of our vendors for concentrates. As concentrates is a new concept on my website, please let me know what you think!


Grease Monkey, Gelato, Blue Dream, Afghani, Northern Lights


1g, 5g


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