[Pure Canadian Extracts] Live Resin

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Pure Canadian Extracts 1g Live Resin

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Pure Canadian Extracts Live Resin

Live Resin is loved by consumers for its delicious flavours and aromas that carry on from the original plant. Live Resin is known to pack a punch because if its THC levels. Colours range from dark yellow to a yellow/white.

You can enjoy premium live resin made with top quality flowers. The freezing is done to perfection so that nothing is lost during the process.

Producer: Pure Canadian Extracts

Pure Canadian Extracts

I’ve tried Pure Canadian Extracts and I have to say that I like their product. I also gave a couple of samples to the cannabis collective around me and they all do agree that the concentrates that they provide are solid. I don’t have much time to produce my own extracts, but I am happy to have Pure Canadian Extracts on board as one of our vendors for concentrates. As concentrates is a new concept on my website, please let me know what you think!


Girl Scout Cookies (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Mochi Gelato (Indica Dominant Hybrid), Pine OG (Sativa), Cherry Runtz (Hybrid)

1 review for [Pure Canadian Extracts] Live Resin

  1. Cherryyy

    Nice! price makes it way better! Very cheap.

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