Tom Ford Pink (AAA)



Nug Size: Medium to Small

Batch Date: Feb 22

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Tom Ford Pink Kush is known to be very relaxing and stress relieving. It’s a cross of Pink Kush and some other genetics that are unknown.

This batch of Tom Ford Pink Kush has mostly medium size nugs with some smalls and popcorn size nugs. The bud structure is a little leafy and a little airy. It’s also a little on the moist side, I will try to give it a manual cure, but some extra time in an air tight jar or bag should help.

You’ll probably get about 1%-3% weight in shake and stems, plus about 5%-10% weight in popcorn nugs.

I’ll be really honest about this one because I think it’s good overall for a budget Pink strain. The effects should be good because it’s a Pink.

Grower: 3rd Party Wholesaler


14g, 28g


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