Truffle Butter (AAAA)

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Indica Dominant Hybrid

Nug Size: Large to Small

Batch Date: Dec 1

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This batch is grown craft style in a small area. The cost to grow and harvest this batch is almost double the costs compared to medium/large area grows. It also takes a lot more time.

The Truffle butter isn’t super strong but it provides an awesome Indica-hybrid-like high and a very enjoyable smoke.

I don’t recommend this to someone looking to get wrecked. If you want to get wrecked, I suggest you get Pink Kush or Death Bubba or something similar to that.

This is ideal for the person who doesn’t smoke too much but likes to smoke high quality stuff when they do smoke. Someone who prefers quality of flower over potency of strain. It’s definitely not ideal for “Best bang for buck” type of customers.

Grower: 3rd Party


7g, 14g, 28g

1 review for Truffle Butter (AAAA)

  1. micah_p

    Name is accurate, got that butter creaminess. Smokes nice and for AAAA pricing is good.

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