White Runtz (AAAA)



Nug Size: Medium size, some large, few smalls.

Batch Date: Mar 22 2024

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Alright, so I need to introduce a new grower that I have become fond of, Bobby Grass! He’s a private grower based out of Chilliwack, BC, and one of my friends was kind enough to connect us.

He has provided me a decent deal on some pretty quality stuff that I would call entry level to mid quality quads. I would perceive all of them as very amazing value for the price.

This first of many drops if White Runtz (Zkittlez X Gelato), of course, who doesn’t enjoy a nice flavourful Runtz strain? This one has a nice sweet candy fruit like flavour, but a bit more on the kush side than usual.

Effects will provide you with nice balanced effects, but I would give it a slight Indica lean on this particular run.

If you get the chance to try this or any other Bobby Grass strains, please let me know what you think of them!

Grower: Bobby Grass


7g, 14g, 28g


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