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Who’s behind Carly’s Garden?

Hello! Carly’s Garden website is ran by me, Carly. I am just a regular gal that enjoys growing plants and also has experience with online platforms. So I created the website Carly’s Garden to initially sell my own personal plants. I had to expand the business by having my friends grow to keep up with demand, plus it’s a good income for them as well. Now, Carly’s Garden has a team of packers and shippers. Customer service side of the business will always handled by me myself. If you send an email to our support line, you’ll actually be talking to me and I’m happy to talk to you!

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I like to just chat as regular people and that’s how I like my business to be ran. All website descriptions are written by me exactly as how I view the products. I try keep everything as honest and clear as possible to keep my customers happy which will also save me time.

Anyways, lets talk about the history of Carly’s Garden. Well I’ve been in the growing industry for about 15 years and my parents were in the growing industry ever since I was a kid. 

One day I heard about this concept about MOMs from one of the 3rd Party Wholesalers. Amazed! 

I got connected to a lot of the MOM owners through the 3rd Party Wholesalers. We made our trades and they helped me grow Carly’s Garden to where it is now, well.. at least they gave me a lot of advice and I’m thankful for that.


So there you have it, that’s basically where I’m at now in this journey. I’m always thinking of ways to grow the business bigger and better without losing customer satisfaction. My Goal is to provide top quality products for the best rate and the best customer service in the industry!

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