Shatter Chocolate Bars Canada

Shatter Chocolate Bars Canada

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing high without smoking or vaping? If yes, cannabis edibles are a great alternative. For those who love chocolates, Shatter Bars are a great cannabis edible that tastes delicious, and easy to consume, and gives desired results every time.

If you are a newcomer and never tried Shatter Bars before, this article will tell you everything about these incredible edibles.

What Are Shatter Bars?

Shatter Bars are chocolate bars that contain cannabis. They are formulated to give a solution to all your edible needs, whether you’re using them for a nice relaxing mood, pain relief, or just better sleep.

Our shatter bars have amazing taste and are easy to manage. They are available in a variety of flavors and strengths, which makes it easy for you to find a bar that tastes great and helps you achieve a nice high.

We offer your favorite shatter chocolate bars with different flavor and strength combinations for each individual. They are the following:

Sativa Bars

Sativa bars are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy a nice head high that helps you feel high and creative. These sativa bars are available in different flavors and strengths:


  • Cookies and Green
  • Milk chocolate
  • Toffee Crunch
  • Pumpkin Spice


  • 250 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 1200 mg

Indica Bars

if you want to chill out and just relax on the bed or couch, or for the evening when you have a hard time falling asleep, Indica shatter Bars will help you. They are also available in different flavors and strengths:


  • Cookies and Green
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Toffee Crunch


  • 250 mg
  • 500 mg
  • 1200 mg

Vegan Bars

If you don’t prefer to consume animal products, vegan bars are also available. They are also available in different flavors and strengths.

Are Shatter Bars Safe?

Shatter Bars and different edibles that contain cannabis are generally safe for those of age to consume. Our shatter chocolate bars are made with the highest quality ingredients including locally grown cannabis from farmers we know and trust, we feel confident in saying that we offer some of the safest and most effective edibles in Canada.

Right Dosage

Shatter Bars and other types of cannabis edibles are generally safe for an adult to consume. However, it’s very crucial to know the right dosage to get an enjoyable, effective cannabis experience.

Here are the proper dosing guidelines, to avoid any type of bad experience, we recommend following these:

For Beginners:

If it’s your first time, you should start with 0-2.5 mg, this is a safe level of dosage that can help you to determine if cannabis is right for you or not. After taking a 0-2.5 mg serving, you can experience mild pain, stress, and anxiety relief while also improving focus and creativity.

Casual Consumers:

For casual consumers, the right dosage is 2.5-15 mg. This dosage may cause mild impairments to coordination and perception. It can also provide mild pain relief.

Regular Consumers:

Dosage: 15-30 mg, this dosage will produce a strong sense of euphoria. It may also cause coordination impairments and alter your perception.

Experienced Consumers:

30-50 mg, this dosage produces a very strong sense of euphoria and is likely to cause coordination impairments and perception alterations.

Pain Management:

The right dosage will be 50-100 mg, which those helps who are going through higher levels of pain. It may cause perception impairments, and it can produce more extreme side effects such as increased heart rate and nausea.

To know the amount of cannabis in a shatter chocolate bar, just divide the total strength of the bar by 24 (the number of squares). For example, if you have a 480 mg bar, each square would contain 20 mg.

How Long Does a Shatter Bar Take to Getting You High?

When you consume an edible, the cannabis has to go through the digestive system before being absorbed. When you use cannabis by smoking or vaping method, it hits your bloodstream instantly.

Some users think like edibles aren’t working because edibles take longer to show their effects. As a result, users eat more chocolate than they need and the result is more intense than they thought or wanted.

To avoid this type of unwanted experience, give your body ample time to digest and absorb the cannabis after eating an edible for about 30 to 60 minutes.

This is very important to be patient, if you are a newbie to cannabis edibles or if It’s been a long time since you last consumed any.

Where to Buy Shatter Chocolate Bars in Canada?

You can buy Shatter Chocolate Bars from us “At Carly’s garden”. We provide shatter bars that are made with quality ingredients and high levels of cannabis. We offer delicious and high-quality cannabis-infused bars in Canada.

Our all products including the shatter bars are skillfully crafted and made with quality, locally-grown cannabis. Once you try our shatter chocolate bars, you’ll never want to go back to other types of cannabis-infused chocolate.

We follow the guidelines, and sell the product only to the permissible age group and have the freedom to experience spiritual exploration and self-healing. We do this by producing and selling products that allow our customers to enjoy these experiences safely and transparently.

To get the best quality Shatter Chocolate bars, you can browse our website, there are different types of shatter bars are available with different flavors and strengths. Just choose as per your interest, and order them.

Want to learn more about shatter Bars and different types of cannabis edibles, check out our product list today.

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