What happens when you mix Caffeine and Marijuana?

Caffeine and Marijuana, both are the most commonly consumed psychoactive chemicals in the world, so it’s not a big thing that users have started mixing their marijuana with coffee to get the ultimate high.

But do you know, what exactly happens when you mix coffee and weed?

Know more about the impact of mixing caffeine and cannabis.

What happens when you mix coffee and weed?

Both coffee and weed have the power to impact how we experience the world around us. When combine, they create compounded effects on the body and mind individually. Caffeine impacts our adenosine receptors, which stimulate the central nervous system and dilate blood vessels, while cannabis influences the body’s multi-faceted endocannabinoid system (ECS) and inhibits the CNS.

The post-effect when you mix coffee and weed consumption ultimately depends on a variety of factors like the exact cannabinoids you consume, your individual ECS, your tolerance level, and the methods of consumption and dosing you choose.

Mixing coffee with weed impacts everyone differently. For some, caffeine can drastically improve a cannabis high. A study on an animal in 2017, tells that intake of weed with coffee increases levels of vital CNS neurotransmitters as well as dopamine, which can lead to feelings of euphoria.

Any individual who’s ever enjoyed a mixer of both with their morning cup knows how the flavors and aromas of each affect the sensory level. It’s also possible that active compounds in cannabis work to stimulate adenosine receptor activity, which could a caffeine buzz.

Coffee and THC

Some old evidence suggests that mixing THC with coffee can help enhance its energizing effects. Those who took coffee with THC have experienced feelings of creativity, a boost of energy, alertness, and motivation. A study in 2011 on animals suggests that low levels of caffeine may enhance and prolong a cannabis high.

Contrarily, A clinical study in 2018, examined metabolite levels in coffee drinkers and found that increased caffeine intake may slow down the endocannabinoid system from metabolizing at its normal rate, which means the blend of coffee and weed makes it more difficult to relax.

Sometimes, THC and coffee combo may lead to overstimulation, both are known to increase heart rate and have the potential to produce anxiety when consumed in high doses. And caffeine may enhance the cognitive impairment caused by THC.

In a study in 2012 on Rats, it is found that combining caffeine and marijuana could impair short-term memory. So, when pairing THC with coffee, consumers should start with low doses and go slow.

Coffee and CBD

CBD-infused coffee drinks are very popular among users. Some old evidence suggests that the combination of CBD and coffee can increase a person’s alertness and focus. When use individually, CBD might help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and stimulate deep relaxation. The low dose of CBD can pair nicely with caffeine for some. One 2020 study on animals supports the claim that CBD may help calm anxiety initiated by caffeine, producing an alert yet placid buzz.

Those who consume THC and CBD for serious medical purposes should avoid dosing with coffee, if you mix them on their own, the right dosing may be more difficult to achieve.

Do they cause long-term effects?

There are no clear pieces of evidence that claim mixing caffeine and cannabis has any long-term effect. However, in an animal study, it is found that consuming THC with large amounts of a substance that have the effects of caffeine may minimize marijuana’s effects. This might lead you to use more marijuana than you usually would.

If you regularly mix coffee and weed, keep an eye out for these signs of a substance use disorder.

  • Increase your tolerance level and you need more weed to achieve the same effects
  • Spending a lot of time thinking about using marijuana
  • Paying proper attention to maintaining the stock of marijuana
  • Forget to go to important work or school events due to marijuana use

How do Weed and Caffeine impact you?

Whenever you are trying to mix weed with your coffee, it’s important to understand how each affects you individually. Remember that everyone experiences weed and caffeine individually.

If you establish a long-term healthy mental and physical relationship with both coffee and marijuana, and you are clear, you can consider mixing the two. But if you can use them for medical purposes, please consult your health experts before starting or changing any medical treatment.

Start low and go slow

Whenever you are mixing caffeine and marijuana, it is incredibly important to start low and go slow. Start with low doses of cannabis, doesn’t matter if it’s THC or CBD, and gradually increase the doses if you need. This is very important when it comes to mixing weed and caffeine, because of the high chance of anxiety.

You can use the trial or error method, and starting low and going slow will help you to get the right high.

Different Using Methods

Remember that dosing with different delivery methods will produce varying effects like smoking or vaping produce different highs. The delivery methods also impact the taste and overall sensory experience. Research shows that coffee and edibles are both metabolized in the liver and may influence one another, which means this combination might have the potential to produce even stronger longer-lasting effects. So, always start with a minimal amount.

Track Your Consumption and Experiences

Track your experiences of using cannabis strains, dosing, and consumption methods that work for you or not. Documenting your experiences help you to know how you can dose yourself achieve your needs.

Once you have got an idea of what works for you, you can play the ratio of weed to coffee.

Buy Cannabis-infused Coffee from reputable stores

If you do have not the proper idea, of how to mix weed with coffee and what will be the proportion? You should purchase cannabis-infused coffees and goodies from reputable brands and stores to ensure that what you’re consuming is safe and effective.

Bottom Line

When you mix weed with your coffee, it can spice up any morning. But, remember that it’s very important to keep in mind that everyone responds to both cannabis and coffee differently. While several animal studies have been conducted to determine the effects of weed and caffeine on the body, much more research on human subjects is needed.

Start low and go slow when you’re starting with coffee and cannabis, and stay mindful of your own body’s reaction.

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