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Cannabis: Have You Had Experience Ordering Weed Online

Online shopping is very convenient, from our home, workplaces, or anywhere, we can shop for our clothes, shoes, and other accessories online, even if you can buy your groceries online. But have you ever experienced ordering weed online? Buying weed online not only saves your time and money but also gives you a variety of options.

Over the past few years, Marijuana has been declared legal for adults over the age of 21 in Canada. Now, a total of 37 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. It means that in most of America, marijuana is legal with some limits.

Avoid Illegal delivery of Marijuana

While Marijuana is legal in different parts of the world, there are certain countries and states where marijuana is illegal for recreational purposes. But you can buy weed edibles online for medical purposes for curing some kinds of health issues like chronic pain, muscle spasms, weight loss, etc. so, whenever you have buying weed online, make sure you are following the rule and regulations related to weed and stay away from illegal delivery.

Shop With legal and licensed marijuana website

Nowadays, many illegal websites sell weed online. So, stay alert to these types of dark websites. They can leak your personal information and identity to third parties. Whenever you are buying weed edibles online, make sure that the website you are shopping for is legal and possesses the license to sell weed. It will eventually help you protect your money and reputation at the same time.

What happens if I order Weed Online illegally?

If you order weed from an online store and ship it to your state or country where weed is not legal, several things can happen. The state government may open an investigation into the transfer of an illegal substance across state lines. You could also face charges for drug trafficking if you are proved convicted, and several federal drug crime penalties with prison sentences and fines are charged over you.

If you stay out of federal drug crimes for ordering weed online, you may face charges for violating state marijuana laws for possessing illegal substances. If you intentionally possess or consume marijuana illegally, you can be charged with possession of marijuana.

The Penalties and prison depend on how much weed you have in your possession at the time of your arrest.

Here is the list of Marijuana Possession crimes:

  • Less than 100g is a minor offense
  • Between 100g and 200g is a fourth-degree offense
  • Between 201g and 999g is a fifth-degree offense
  • Between 1,000g and 4,999g is a fourth-degree offense
  • Between 5,000g and 19,999g is a third-degree offense
  • More than 20,000 is a second-degree offense

Can I Order Medical Marijuana Online?

Although Medical Marijuana might be legal in your state, federal laws don’t consider medical marijuana legal. So, you may have to face federal drug crimes. It’s considered legal when you have a medical marijuana card in your state, you can purchase it online.

Bottom Line:

Avoid buying weed online legally. Marijuana seller might guarantee that the weed is shipped safely with special packages and odor-proof bags that is unrecognizable by the drug specialist dogs and postal inspectors.

After being suspected of containing illegal substances, including Marijuana, Law enforcement officers take control of the situation and allow the packages to be delivered as addressed. When the package is delivered and received, the officers arrest the receiver on federal drug charges.

Marijuana law might change in your state, federal drug laws may never change. Until Marijuana remains a controlled substance at the federal level, it will remain illegal to ship weed across the state borderline.

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