Pink Kush Strain

What is Pink Kush Strain?

Pink Kush Strain is an Indica-dominant strain, that can relax your body and mind. It gives uplift and a euphoric high kind of feeling. It is perfect for everyone who is looking to relieve stress and reduce their worries.

It is up to 90% Indica dominant and only 10% of Sativa. Because of this low percentage, it helps to boost its uplifting, happy, and euphoric effects.

Users want to enjoy its vibrant and surprisingly sweet flavor. They also like its versatility; consumers can use this strain in a variety of ways like soothing frayed nerves and easing them off to sleep.

Others tell that they find it useful for assisting with back pains, migraines, and other aches.  Like some other Indica strains, it has some tendencies that make it a major candidate for calming and soothing users. Users like to enjoy its fun and refreshing side. Pink Kush strain is also known as Pink Cadillac strain, Pink OG, Pink OG Kush, and Pink Candy strain. For those who are suffering from intense stress and anxiety, it helps to reduce them, especially in regards to unwanted thoughts.

Pink Kush strain also helps in relaxed conversation, the lowering of stress, the easing of anxiety, and mental pressure. Anyone planning on consuming this strain should do so in the late afternoon or evening because after taking it you can feel sleepiness.


Pink Kush strain has a peculiar aroma, some kind of sour and striking, but not completely unpleasant. Many people enjoy its sweet tones and a mix of other intriguing substances. It smells like hints of vanilla including dashes of wood and earth. Some consumers tell the aroma of smoke is very powerful. Others described it as some fruity kind of smell.


Most users love this strain’s distinct and robust flavors. The most prominent flavor you will experience is candied vanilla which also has significant elements of menthol with just a touch of sour citrus. Its flavor is like a ride, which means slowly-slowly you will experience different kinds of flavors.

What Effect Does Pink Kush Have on the Body?

As we have mentioned above, the Pink Kush strain contains 90% of Indica and only 10% of Sativa. Consumers experience uplifting effects as opposed to a more sedate experience. If you are looking for the strain that gives you relaxation and soothing nerves, Pink Kush is the best.

Different Effects of Pink Kush Strain:

  • Relaxation: This is Indica-dominant strain that produce calming effects. It provides pain relief, the people who are suffering from migraines, back pains, and other dull aches around the body, use it for relaxation.
  • Calming nerves: it can reduce mental stress and give you a good feeling like how interesting or funny a person may be coming across. Also, promotes relaxed conversation, reduced anxiety, and overall good feelings.

Why Pink Kush Strain is Used for Medicinal Purposes?

Pink Kush Strain is used for medicinal purposes for relieving stress and anxious thoughts. It soothes the mind and body as well as encourages euphoric feelings. This strain is also ideal for calming muscle pain. Those who are suffering from chronic conditions can use it to get relief.

It also improves your mental health, its soothing properties can assist with specific symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and some panic disorders. Pink Kush strain also helps people who are struggling with Insomnia and ADHD.

Bottom Line:

Pink Kush is a unique cannabis strain, that has a high THC content that provides a reasonably potent hit. Which can release tension and provide a distinct calming effect. Because of its high THC content, it is not the most suitable option for those wary of strong psychoactive responses.

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